When Bill Clinton looks like a devout Sunday School teacher, that’s your first clue that the culture has embraced sexual anarchy!

Back on September 21, 1996, Slick Willy actually signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act. It banned federal recognition of homosexual faux marriage by limiting the definition of marriage to the union of one man and one woman. It further allowed states the right to refuse to recognize homosexual marriages granted under the laws of other states.

Tragically enough, since then, the Democrat Party’s platform has become a virtual Manifesto of Evil, championing today’s twin sins of baby-killing by abortion and sexual perversion.  If Joe Biden dared to take a similar stand today, he would be put on the first train back to an assisted living home in his beloved hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

Clarence Thomas considered re-examining Obergefell

After the fall of Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, The Hill reported that Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative, suggested the high court revisit its 2015 Obergefell homosexual faux marriage ruling, which he and fellow conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito have claimed has had “ruinous consequences for religious liberty.”

To her shame, Democrat Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, a self-described lesbian, who had a perverse relationship with another woman named Lauren Azar for 15 years, championed the Disrespect for Marriage Act. 

Disrespect for Marriage Act
greenlights lawsuits against Christians

Also known as House Resolution 8404, this terrible law will allow individuals to sue Christian business owners who refuse to participate in homosexual faux wedding ceremonies and threaten the tax-exempt status of religious nonprofits that do not recognize homosexual faux marriages.

The bill will disproportionately harm believing Christians, such as Christian baker Jack Phillips and Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman, whose religion will not allow them to participate in homosexual nuptials. 

After all, in Acts 5:29, Peter said, Christians “ought to obey God rather than men.”  Not surprisingly, a Gallup poll reported that people who “attend church weekly remain the primary demographic holdout against homosexual marriage,” with almost 60% opposed.

Plus, it will jeopardize the ability of Christian adoption agencies that do not place children with “married” homosexual couples.

The 12 traitors in the Senate

No wonder Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said on December 8th, “Today is a dark day for religious freedom. The Left’s forces of religious hostility, aided by 12 Republican senators and 39 Republican representatives, advanced what history may ultimately record as one of the greatest assaults on religious freedom in modern history.”

The 12 traitorous Republican Senators who voted for the “Disrespect of Marriage” Act include: Roy Blunt (Missouri), Richard Burr (North Carolina); Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia); Susan Collins (Maine); Joni Ernst (Iowa); Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming); Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) ; Rob Portman (Ohio); Mitt Romney (Utah); Dan Sullivan (Alaska); Thom Tillis (N.C.); and Todd Young (Indiana).

Tolerance has been redefined

Perhaps most bizarrely, Senator Lummis of Wyoming, a self-professed “conservative Christian,” defended her vote by claiming it was her demonstration of tolerance, reported LifeSiteNews.com.

I beg your pardon?

Tolerance means that two people, with opposing views, respect the other’s right to hold differing views.  Or at least it used to.  Today, the politically correct connotation of tolerance, from a Leftist worldview, is a conservative’s obligation to celebrate a liberal’s God-hating behavior.

And if I don’t celebrate the exalted sin of the day, I will become the victim of the Cancel Culture.  Big Tech will de-platform me or my employer will fire me. So much for the original notion of tolerance.

Furthermore, Senator Lummis foolishly asserted that the very “survival” of America was somehow dependent upon conservatives caving like a house of cards.

Suzanne Bowdey of The Washington Stand bluntly proclaimed that Lummis’ vote “explains the collapse of Christian courage. Decency has never required compromise.”

(Listen to the Time for Courage radio show entitled, “The Collapse of Christian Courage.”)

How religious liberty amendments died

After the Senate rejected a series of religious liberty amendments, the “Benedict Arnold” Republicans named above sided with Senate Democrats in the 61-36 vote for final passage.  More shockingly, two of its supporters, Republican Senators Roy Blunt of Missouri and Joni Ernst of Iowa had served as co-chairs of the congressional Values Action Team, “dedicated to advancing pro-life and pro-family policies,” reported the Washington Stand.

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah put forward a comprehensive religious liberty amendment protecting religious believers from vindictive federal officials who might take “discriminatory action … wholly or partially on the basis of their belief in marriage.”  Regrettably, Lee’s amendment failed by one vote, 48-49. His amendment received bipartisan support, with Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia voting yes. But one Republican, Senator Susan Collins of Maine, voted against Lee’s amendment. And two Republican senators, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, had the audacity to skip the vote, neither of whom is running for re-election.

Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma offered an amendment that would have clarified purposely murky language in the bill to underscore Americans’ right to religious liberty. And Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida offered an amendment that would have struck homosexual activists’ ability to sue believers. Both amendments failed by the same 45-52 margin. Republican Senators Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Rob Portman of Ohio sided with the Democrats against religious freedom.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, tweeted , “While conservatives were chasing the shiny ball of trans extremism, LGBTQ activists worked with Useful Idiot Republicans (& churches and Mormons) to pass a law enshrining the radical concept of homosexual ‘marriage’ in federal law.”

Disrespect for Marriage Act would also
allow polygamy and child marriage

However, lest you think this terrible law will only codify homosexual faux marriage, it also represents the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent.

You see, as the Heritage Foundation documented in their questions and answers article, “H.R. 8404 abandons all current limits in federal law requiring marriage to be the union of only two persons. Under the Disrespect for Marriage Act, all it takes is a single state to recognize a polygamous or other unusual union —  [like polyamory, child marriage, arranged marriage, and close relative marriage] — as a marriage and the federal government must automatically recognize it for all federal purposes. That includes tax deductions, welfare benefits, immigration status, and federal employee benefits.”

In an article entitled “This Will Give Abusers A License,” Liberty Counsel reported that:

this bill goes way beyond forcing every state to honor same-sex “marriage.” It will also force every state to honor child-bride marriages—a practice so radical that even Saudi Arabia has outlawed it. But it continues right here in America.

Between 2000 and 2015, there were 207,459 minor marriages in America, and that number does not include full data from all 50 states. Twelve-year-old children were given marriage licenses in three states (Alaska, Louisiana and South Carolina). Thirteen-year-olds were given the green light to marry in 14 additional states.

The states of Alaska and North Carolina allow child brides as young as 14 years old. But many other states, including California, have NO age limits for how young a girl can be! In Alabama, a 14-year-old was married off to a 74-year-old. That’s a 60-year gap!

This should be called the “Child-Rape Authorization Act.” Because it literally gives abusers a “license” that must be recognized in all 50 states!

While the times are a-changin’, God’s Word does not. Genesis 2:24 could not be clearer. Here is how God designed marriage. It says, “Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.”

Why did 12 Republican senators
vote against God-ordained marriage?

Despite the fact that 412,336 concerned citizens sent emails to their two Senators through the Family Research Council website, the same 12 Republican senators were unmoved by the cry of their constituents.  Through a series of votes, they repeatedly embraced the sexually perverse bill with a white-knuckled grip.

Here’s the $64,000 question.

Why did these 12 Republicans betray the conservative Christians who elected them with a Judas-style kiss on the cheek?  Follow the money. 

According to the New York Times, “Behind the scenes, a group of influential Republican donors and operatives, including some of the party’s most prominent gay leaders with long experience prodding their party to embrace L.G.B.T.Q. rights, banded together with the bill’s proponents in Congress for a coordinated, $1.7 million campaign to persuade G.O.P. senators that backing it would give them a political edge. 

“Their quiet work helps explain how a bill to ensure recognition of same-sex marriages across the country went from being the subject of an election-season political maneuver that few expected to be enacted to an initiative embraced by a decisive majority of senators, and an unexpected victory for the gay rights movement that will be one of the final acts of the Democratic-controlled Congress.”

Senators have no fear of God

Now that these reprobates have championed Leviticus 18:22, I don’t doubt that they will ultimately advocate every sexual perversion listed in Leviticus 18 as right, good, and even noble.

The Dirty Dozen — some of whom claim to be Bible-believing Christians — have no fear of God and no respect for His immutable law.   They should re-read Proverbs 1:7 which says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ was clear. In John 14:15, He said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commands.”  These 12 modern-day Judas Iscariots in the Senate and another 39 Republicans in the House have utterly failed that test.

Human sexuality sharpening lines
in Evangelical world

Appearing on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, Dr. Carl Trueman, professor at Grove City College, said, “[T]he issue of human sexuality in general and marriage, in particular, is really sharpening the kind of lines that are emerging in the Protestant and Evangelical world at the moment. The fact that [a radical homosexual marriage bill is] actually receiving support from many ‘Evangelical leaders’ — and is also receiving support from what one would have hoped would be conservative members of Congress — is indicative of the times in which we’re living.”

Biden’s patriotic perversion

On December 13th, President Joe Biden, signed the bill into law, reports LifeSiteNews.com. Plus, from the lawn of the White House, he attempted to wrap the American flag around immoral behavior which God has called an abomination. (Watch this ABC video of the event)

He said, “Today’s a good day!  A day America takes a vital step toward equality, toward liberty and justice — not just for some, but for everyone — toward creating a nation where decency, dignity, and love are recognized, honored, and protected.  Today, I signed the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ into law.  Deciding whether to marry, who to marry is one of the most profound decisions a person can make.”

Nothing dignified about homosexuality

Really Joe?

As I documented in a previous blog entitled “Hope for the Homosexual” and in a Time for Courage radio show entitled “Homosexuality is unhealthy and unbiblical,” there is nothing decent or dignified about embracing the homosexual lifestyle.  It actually leads to shortening one’s life by 20-30 years and puts one’s very soul in danger!

I know. It’s all pretty depressing.

A possible silver lining

But perhaps there is a silver lining in the cultural cloud of these pro-homosexual pronouncements.

Lorie Smith, the Christian owner of 303 Creative, a Denver, Colorado website design company, refused to create websites for homosexual faux weddings.  Unfortunately, Colorado’s law will force Lorie to use her artistic web design skills to speak messages celebrating homosexual faux weddings if she speaks messages celebrating marriage between one man and one woman. But on top of that, the law acts as a gag order that prevents Lorie from expressing on her website the reasons why she only creates websites celebrating certain ideas.

This is censorship! And it’s a violation of Lorie’s First Amendment rights. (Watch a 5-minute video about Lorie Smith’s story.)

Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys since 2016, her attorney, Kristen Waggoner, just argued her case before the Supreme Court on December 5, 2022.  According to a RedState.com article entitled “Justice Gorsuch Leaves CO Solicitor General Stammering During Oral Arguments on Religious Liberty,” it looks as though the justices are likely to rule in Lorie’s favor by June 2023.

And perhaps that ruling might somehow torpedo this outrageous Disrespect for Marriage Act.  We can only hope.

Paul Milazzo

Paul Milazzo is the host of "Time for Courage" heard Saturday nights at 6:00 pm on 930AM, The Answer in San Antonio, Texas. Email: Paul@TimeForCourage.net