Ready for some fascinating post-Roe analysis?

Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation, said something on Time for Courage that I’ve not heard anybody say since the Supreme Court overturned the egregious Roe v. Wade ruling on June 24, 2022.

When Adam McManus, my co-host, asked Parker about his reaction to President Biden’s insistence on killing babies in the womb on military bases for members of the military and their dependents – even in states which have subsequently outlawed abortion — Parker gave an answer I wasn’t expecting.

Comparison between Joe Biden and George Wallace

He said, “I think [Biden’s] no better than [Alabama Governor] George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse doors after the Supreme Court said segregation must end because it’s a horrible thing to do to people. And George Wallace said, ‘No, no, no!’ We’re in a kind of a cold Civil War. We’re in the de-abortioning of America because the Supreme Court has said there is no constitutional right to abortion. And yet, some of the states and the federal government under Biden, are resisting that.”

Wow! Think about that for a minute.  The comparison is fascinating between the evil of segregation and the evil of abortion.

(Listen to the full radio interview here entitled: Allan Parker compares desegregating with de-abortioning.)

Dobbs v. Jackson = Brown v. Board of Education

In both cases, the Supreme Court issued an initially unjust ruling.  In the 7-1 Plessy v. Ferguson ruling of 1896, it declared that “separate but equal” public facilities were justified for Whites and Blacks. And, in the 7-2 Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973, it declared that unborn babies could be killed through abortion.

Parker said, “Keep in mind, segregation was the official policy of the United States from 1896 to 1954 which was 58 years. The Supreme Court said segregation was okay. It was the law of the land. It was settled. Separate but equal was okay.”

That was the case despite the fact that the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868, declared that everyone was supposed to enjoy equal protection under the law. Parker said, “Then, in 1954, the Supreme Court reversed its own 58-year-old precedent with Brown v. Board of Education and said, ‘We were wrong about segregation.”

He continued, “And now the Supreme Court of the United States has reversed its own 49-year-old precedent of Roe v. Wade [in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization] saying, ‘We, the Supreme Court, were wrong. There is no constitutional right to abortion.’ Think about it. It took 10 years to desegregate America, to go from segregation which was the law of the land in 1954 to 1964, when we passed a national law – [the Civil Rights Acts] — outlawing segregation.”

The desegregating and de- abortioning of America

On Time for Courage, Parker also asserted, “We’re in that period. It’s going to be turbulent. There’s going to be people who ignore the law and want to continue what we call ‘a crime against humanity,’ which is when the government withdraws legal protection, like they did from the African-Americans in slavery and segregation, and as they’ve done to the child in the womb. They’ve withdrawn legal protection from a whole class of human beings.”

Allan Parker is right.

Just like the racists, including Governor George Wallace and his ilk, objected strenuously to the 1954 Board v. Education Supreme Court decision, so too we are witnessing the Leftists today continuing to assert that unborn babies in the womb don’t deserve the right to life despite the Supreme Court’s assertion that there is no constitutional right to abortion.

The pro-aborts claim that the child in the womb is a burden for some women who do not want to raise them which justifies their murder.  As a Christian, who understands that we are each created in God’s image according to Genesis 1:27, that kind of thinking is deeply disturbing.

The Safe Haven Law

But, even if a specific woman, who is grappling with an unplanned pregnancy, does not share my Biblical perspective, there is an option which would both relieve her of the burden of raising her baby while preserving her baby’s life.

If she doesn’t want to explore the adoption option where she could select the married couple to raise her baby, she could take advantage of the Safe Haven law here in the Lone Star state.

Parker said, “There’s a Safe Haven Law for every woman.  She can simply relinquish her child in Texas to a hospital or fire station within 60 days of birth. No cost. It’s free. Unlike abortion, it’s free medical care. It terminates the pregnancy with the live birth of the child. And then she doesn’t have to care for the child. 

“There are one to two million women every year waiting to adopt newborn children. There are tens of thousands of those in Texas. So, we can help the woman without killing the child and hurting the women.”

As Parker asserted, we are indeed in the midst of a turbulent period between the Dobbs case, which overturned Roe v. Wade, and a much-anticipated national pro-life law which will protect every unborn baby in the womb. No matter how blue the state might be.

I am not the least surprised that the pro-abortion activists, who want to enjoy unrestrained “sexual freedom” and mate with anything that moves, don’t want to be held accountable for making a baby in the midst of their self-indulgent hedonism.

Pro-abortion terrorists are targeting pro-life centers

Neither am I surprised that some pro-abortion terrorists, like those from Jane’s Revenge, have attacked 160 pro-life pregnancy centers and churches since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision was first leaked. Their acts of terror have included fire bombings, arson, and vandalism. But, to quote Gomer Pyle, I am surprised that the now “woke” FBI has not made one arrest.  Not one!

Parenthetically, Jane’s Revenge took its name from the undercover Chicago group, the “Jane Collective,” which helped mothers in the Windy City kill their babies prior to 1973.

For example, on June 7th, this domestic terrorist group firebombed CompassCare Pregnancy Services in Buffalo, New York. Jim Harden, the CEO and Protestant father of 10 children, explained what happened.  He said, “Early in the morning, 2:30, my regional executive in Buffalo gave me a call and he said, ‘Smoke alarm is going off.’ The police and fire rescue were there. They had found all the windows broken and fires lit in the facility. Catastrophic damage throughout. We’re in the process of totally rebuilding it. On the side of the facility, there is the signature graffiti scrawl of Jane’s Revenge.

“They intended to scare us off and to stop us from providing services that women so desperately need in time of crisis. But our crisis is easy to get over compared to what a woman’s going through in seriously considering abortion.”

Harden rightly referred to these acts of violence against pro-life centers since May 2nd as the “pro-abortion Kristallnacht.” Kristallnacht was The Night of Broken Glass on November 9th, 1938, when Nazi leaders smashed the glass of the Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues, and homes throughout Germany.

To reiterate, 160 attacks and not one arrest. Without a doubt, this is an intentional abdication by the FBI and the so-called Department of Justice to investigate.

FBI targeting peaceful, pro-life activists

Simultaneously, pro-life Americans are being victimized by selective prosecutions for praying or protesting at abortion mills.  For example, on September 23rd, 20 heavily armed FBI agents stormed the home of Mark Houck, the Catholic father of 11, frightening his family, pointing guns at his head, and then arresting him in front of his wife and seven young children.  These Nazi-style tactics are unprecedented in American history. I just wish the FBI had had this type of zeal when the riots were going on in 2020 and cities were burning!

Do you want to know what Houck was guilty of?  When he and his 12-year-old son went to peacefully pray in front of a Philadelphia abortion mill, where they urge women to choose life for their unborn babies, one of the Planned Parenthood escorts, Bruce Love, became “extremely aggressive” with Houck’s son. At that time, Houck protected his son by pushing the 72-year-old abortion enthusiast away.  

That’s what prompted the Biden administration to charge Houck with allegedly violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act which carries a possible 11-year sentence.  Please note: Neither Mark nor his son obstructed any woman from having access to kill her baby. That’s why he rightly pleaded not guilty to this bogus charge.

How speaking up saves babies

If Houck is guilty of anything, it’s helping save babies. Just ask Jadda and Markeem, a young couple, who had scheduled an abortion of their baby. In a 4-minute video published by the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, Jadda said, “I had one hand on the door about to go into Planned Parenthood, and then Mark stopped us and he was like, ‘You guys don’t have to do this.” Today, their daughter, Nevaeh, is alive thanks to Houck’s willingness to take a stand and speak the truth in love.

So, remember this. As we witness the de-abortioning of America, just like the desegregating of America, it will, at times, be turbulent. But, in the end, justice will prevail.

Proverbs 31:8 says it best. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,  for the rights of all who are destitute.”

Paul Milazzo

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