PHOTO CAPTION: Sam Brinton, whom Biden appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Nuclear Energy, identifies as gender-fluid.

In our debut show, we explore the Transgender Insanity in our culture.

Paul and I start out discussing a disturbing visit to a California pediatrician where the doctor asked the 3-year-old boy: “Are you a boy or are you a girl?”

If that weren’t bad enough, the California Dept. of Education is actually advertising mutilating sex change operations to students!

And in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, the school board is indoctrinating fourth graders to believe “that individuals may identify beyond male and female,” and that “gender expansive” people “live their lives showing that there are many ways to be a girl, boy, both, or neither.

We point to the truth of Genesis 1:27. God created us male and female.